10 Random Acts Of Kindness To Perform

Here are some acts of Kindness.........

Did you know every 17th of February is national National Random Act Of Kindness Day!

While kindness is a virtue we basis, random acts of kindness are their own special flavor of generosity. They infuse everyday life with love and spontaneity. When done right, they can turn someone's day around.  

Not to mention, performing random acts of kindness is a natural mood- booster! Science has shown that when we do good deeds for other people, it increases our overall sense of happiness, In fact, doing good for others has shown to be more effective for well being than doing something good for ourselves. 

Not sure where to start? Here are 10 easy ways to spread a little goodness around.

 1. Check In On A Friend or Relative: In the hustle and bustle of everyday lives, it's easy to lose touch with those we love. Call up a friend or family to see how they are doing and really listen. 

2.  Bring Snacks To Work Or School:  Snacks are always appreciated and go a long way to boost morale.

3.  Donate To A Charity; Choose a charity that supports a cause close to you and send some funds their way. Or, even better, donate in a loved one's name. 

4. Treat someone To A Coffee or A Cookie;  The research has shown that given the choice ourselves and spending money on others, we actually get more pleasure from spending money on others. Go ahead and treat your buddy to a cookie. 

5. Offer To carry Someone's Bag: When passing through airport, grocery stores, or malls, there is always someone struggling with a heavy load. Help them out and bring their bags to the car.

6. Pay Someone's Toll: Do lots of driving? The next toll you hit, leave money for the person in the car behind you. 

7. Compliment Others; Do you ever have those something positive about someone, but you are too shy to say anything? Don't say silent! For a stranger, friend, or coworker, be forthcoming (but diplomatic) with praise. 

8. Leave A Generous Tip;  Whether it's the barista's empty mug next to the register or that delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant, leave the most generous tip you can afford. 

9. Donate Used Items: Look around your place: Is there anything you don't need? Your unused items can have a second life. Bring books to the library or old blankets to the animal shelter; Or, if you are unsure, simply call a charity and ask what they need. 

10. Let someone Go Ahead Of You; Whether in traffic, in line, or in a doorway, be the person who lets others go ahead. If you are not in hurry, why Rush?

Do you have more ideas on this topic, we are glad to hear it from you.